The Minions: Mini crochet bag

My nephew loves the Minions (Amazon link) so it wasn’t hard to get an idea for a Christmas gift for the little man. The bag is a very simple project which makes a quick and fun project for an evening. I’m sure that it would be a nice beginner’s project, too!

I’ve made some little changes by doing one more round in blue and two more rounds in yellow. I liked the Minion to be a bit longer. I’ve also made the google strap while doing the bag. Meaning no separate strap to sew on, less ends to weave in! For the bag strap I did 81 chains so I had 80 sc in each row. Nice length for this cute little bag.

Pattern source: Mini Minion Inspired Bag by Sarina Renee Logan

Material used:

  • Gründl King Cotton (Amazon link) in Zitrone (Yellow), Schwarz (Black), Royalblau (Blue) and Weiß (White)

22. December 2015 by anjizilla
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