Cute bunny house slippers

When my grandma visits us she always needs a pair of socks or slippers as she always has cold feet. She usually takes my kitty slippers (Amazon link) when she’s here. So it’s about time that granny gets her own cute slippers!

Pattern source: Women’s Bunny House Slippers The Classic and Year-Round Slipper by Lorin Jean

Material used:

I did the first sole of the slippers using a 4.0 mm (G) hook as mentioned in the pattern. This should have fit size 9 but came out to be size 6 which would fit my feet but not my grandma’s feet! My problem with always crocheting way too tight. I went up two hook sizes meaning 5.0 mm (H) instead of 4.0 mm (G) and this turned out to be size 9, yay!

13. December 2015 by anjizilla
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