Sherlock Holmes Amigurumi

I’d like to introduce »Benedict Cumberstitch« as Sherlock (Amazon link). ♡ If he wouldn’t have stayed in the family, I would have kept him. Compared to the other Christmas gifts I’ve made for 2015 my Sherlock Amigurumi really took some time and he’s my absolute favorite.

While working on this you start to wonder if Sherlock is just made of hair! Without a hair cut he looks like a brunette version of Merida from Disney’s Brave (Amazon link). Without any hair and coat he looks like Star Trek TNG Jean-Luc Picard (Amazon link). Or as hubby said, he looks like Harry Potter’s nemesis Voldemort (Amazon link). Photos of bald Sherlock can be found on my ravelry project page.

Without any hair I measured my Sherlock to be 23 cm in height.

Pattern source: Crocheted Consulting Detective by Vilma Ilona

Material used:

25. December 2015 by anjizilla
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