Final Fantasy: Moogle Amigurumi

»Kupo! Kupo!« – My Moogle Amigurumi is finally done! The crochet part was quick and easy and I finished it in just two evenings. Except for the wings which I made without using any pattern. As I’ve made notes while creating my wings I was able to write a pattern for them.

I spend most of the time working on the red bauble and the face. The red bauble is attached to little Moogle’s head by using a wire. You just need to be super carefully while working with the wire. If you bend it a bit too much or too often it will break and you are going to have two parts of wire in your hands. Just keep in mind that your wire is a bit like raw eggs even when your Moogle Amigurumi is finished.

Pattern source:

Material used:

08. January 2016 by anjizilla
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