World of Warcraft: Murloc Amigurumi

Hubby asked me to do a little farewell gift for a fellow student. As this recipient is a big World of Warcraft (Amazon link) fan I was searching for some inspiring ideas as well as for some nice patterns. But well, such a popular game with so few patterns! To be honest, I haven’t even found one pattern which would have been nice to try. So I looked up some characters from the WoW universe and decided to crochet a tiny version of the Murloc.

Pattern source: none – made by myself without taking notes -_-#

Material used:

  • Gründl King Cotton (Amazon link) in Hellblau (Light Blue), Jeansblau (Blue), Weiß (White), Zitrone (Yellow), Aubergine (Purple) and Orange
  • 2 tiny red buttons
  • Sewing thread in black
  • Fibre fill (Amazon link)

21. June 2015 by anjizilla
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