Ami Amour: Kitty Mod Cat Amigurumi

It has been an exciting week having international colleagues visiting our office two weeks ago. One of them was from Thailand and really such a sweet and kind person. She gave me a sweet little bag for my mobile phone having little Alice in Wonderland characters on it. I wanted to give her something in return and as she loves cats I was happy to find a super-cute pattern for doing a tiny kitty.

Pattern source: Kitty Mod Cat Amigurumi by Ami Amour

Material used:

  • Woll Butt Lisa in Schoko (Brown) and Rose (Pink)
  • 2 small green buttons and 1 tiny pink button
  • Sewing thread in black
  • 1 tiny golden bell
  • Pink ribbon
  • Fibre fill (Amazon link)

13. August 2015 by anjizilla
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