Soot Sprite hexagon

As cute as their star-shaped sweets

After I finished the Totoro hexagon I was working on a Soot Sprite hexagon. Or as they are named in Japanese: Susuwatari = ススワタリ. Totoro and Soot Sprites are most likely THE recognition sign of Studio Ghibli. So if you are going to make something Studio Ghibli, there simply has to be a Totoro and a Soot Sprite. (^_^)

Susuwatari is a character invented by Kabushiki Kaisha Studio Ghibli and therefore all rights do belong to them. This pattern is for private use only. You are not allowed to sell this pattern or items made by using it.


The hexagon made by using the materials listed is approximately 14 cm from each corner to corner. You can easily adjust its size by using thiner yarn such as Schachenmayr Catania (Amazon link) or Catania fine (Amazon link) and a smaller hook fitting your yarn choice.

  • Yarn – Schachenmayr Catania Grande (Amazon link) in Black, White, Pink, Yellow and Light Blue
  • Hook 4.0 mm
  • Stitch marker as for the eyes you are working in continuous rounds
  • Yarn needle

Stitch Chart

ch chain
st stitch
sl st slip stitch
sc single crochet
sc2tog single crochet two together = decrease [dec]
hdc half double crochet
dc double crochet
rep repeat
inc increase = crochet 2 stitches in 1 stitch
dec decrease = crochet 2 stitches together
blp back loop = crochet into back loops only
f/o fasten off


Body (Black)

Start: Work the following into a magic ring: ch 2, dc, [ch 2, dc 2] rep until there are 6 dc-clusters at all, pull tight to close ring, ch 2, join with a sl st into 1st ch-2

Round 1: [inc] ch 3, dc, *dc, ch 2, dc* into ch-2 space, dc 2, *dc, ch 2, dc* into ch-2 space, rep the “dc 2, *dc, ch 2, dc* into ch-2 space” part until the last st (including it!), join with a sl st into 1st ch-3

Round 2: [inc] ch 3, dc 2, *dc, ch 2, dc* into ch-2 space, [dc 4, *dc, ch 2, dc* into ch-2 space] rep 4 more times (= 5 times at all), dc, join with a sl st into 1st ch-3

Round 3: [inc] ch 3, dc 3, *dc, ch 2, dc* into ch-2 space, [dc 6, *dc, ch 2, dc* into ch-2 space] rep 4 more times (= 5 times at all), dc 2, join with a sl st into 1st ch-3

Important: Do work into the back loops only when you work on round 4.

Round 4: [inc, blp] ch 3, dc 4, *dc, ch 2, dc* into ch-2 space, [dc 8, *dc, ch 2, dc* into ch-2 space] rep 4 more times (= 5 times at all), dc 3, join with a sl st into 1st ch-3 and f/o.

Now we switch to the unworked front loops of round 4: For the last round get your hook into the loose front loops in direction from the edge to the middle – meaning the top of your hook is pointing to the middle of your hexagon. Join in a loop two stitches before a ch-2 space.

Front Loop Round: *ch 2, dc, hdc* into 1st st, sl st, sl st, [*hdc, dc, hdc*, sl st, sl st] rep
When working the last st before a ch-2 space do this: ch 2 and sl st into the 1st loop after the ch-2 space and go on working the stitches between the square brackets. Join, f/o and weave in all ends.

The additional round will make your Soot Sprite get in shape! (^_^)

→ Stitch Chart

Eyes 2x (White, Black)

The eyes are worked in continuous rounds. Do not sl st to join. Use a stitch marker to keep track of your rounds end if needed.

Start: sc 6 in magic ring
Round 1: [inc] sc 2 in each st (12)
Round 2: [inc] [sc, sc 2 in next st] rep (18), join with sl st and f/o, leaving a long end for sewing.

Stitch on a pupil on each eye using your black yarn. Place the eyes. I use stitch markers to attach each part temporary before sewing them on. Sew the eyes on using their loose ends.

→ Stitch Chart

Stars (Yellow, Pink, Light Blue)

Cut a small amount of your pink, yellow and light blue yarn and stitch on little stars on the bottom part of your hexagon. Knot ends or weave them in.

My pattern is on ravelry, too! I’m happy if you link my pattern in your Soot Sprite hexagon project made by using this pattern. And maybe you would like to share a photo of your Soot Sprite on my facebook page, too? ♡

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