Tiny cactus Amigurumi

This little cactus was a spontaneous birthday gift for a dear colleague and friend. I’ve been using scrap yarn from my stash. I don’t even remember the yarn brands but these kind of patterns are perfectly made for using up small amounts of yarn leftovers that is sleeping in your stash.

Pattern source: Cactus by Ana Paula Rimoli

Material used:

I’ve had some problems doing the pot as it turned out to be way smaller than the bottom of the cactus (?!). It was hell trying to sew it from inside! Therefor I made one of my own before it would have ended in a nervous breakdown:
I started with half double crochet (hdc) in front loops (flp) for round 1 followed by a round of hdc worked in both loops. After that I did a round of single crochet (sc) in back loops (blo) with two decreases. Then I worked some rounds of normal sc with decreases which I didn’t count, sorry for that. To begin with the bottom part I did a round of sc in blo followed by two rounds of sc with some decreases to close the pot after stuffing it.

05. February 2013 by anjizilla
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