New pattern series in progress: Studio Ghibli themed hexagons

If you have probably followed my Instagram account or looked at my projects on ravelry you already know that I’m working on some Studio Ghibli themed crochet hexagons. Hexagons are a great base to make a blanket, table runner, pillow, wall hanging and more. I didn’t finish all of them yet but as I’ve got a handful of hexagons done already I thought it’s the right time to start publishing them here. And as they are still in the making, you have the chance to suggest your favorite Studio Ghibli characters. (^_^)

What I’ve made already is Totoro, No-face (Spirited away), Soot sprite (Spirited away, My neighbor Totoro), Jiji (Kiki’s delivery service) and Calcifer (Howls moving castle) – just his mouth has to be done. On my to do list for the next ones are San (Princess Mononoke), Forest spirit (Princess Mononoke) and Ponyo.

All of my hexagons do have this simple base pattern for crocheting hexagons in common: Crochet Fundamentals: How to Crochet a Hexagon by envatotuts+

23. June 2017 by anjizilla
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  1. Por favor, disponibiliza os gráficos… quero muito fazer para mim. Amo demais esses desenhos!

  2. Could you please please share more of these amazing hexagon. I’m currently using them to make a security blanket for my second child

    • Hi, I’m happy that you enjoy the hexagon patterns. 🙂 I don’t plan to add more hexagons soon as I’m quite busy doing other stuff right now meaning I don’t find the time to crochet much. 🙁

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