Natron & Soda Swap: Halloween 2013

This year I’ve wanted to take part in one of the Natron & Soda gothic sewing and crafting community swaps and I’ve decided to be part of the next Halloween swap. I was a bit followed by bad luck as my dear sewing machine got broken before I finished sewing the shirt. My only jersey sewing needle got broken after sewing 3/4 of the shirt and last but not least my iron said goodbye, too. After sewing machine was working again, I’ve decided to use nothing else than good Schmetz jersey needles (Amazon link) and after I’ve bought a new iron I was able to finish all the gifts right in time.

Here is an overview of what I’ve crafted for my swap-child:

  • A crochet zombie kitty coffee cup cozy
  • A bat which I’ve drawn in Adobe Illustrator and colored in Adobe Photoshop
  • A crochet bat bobby pin (#65 Fantastic Crocheted Bat by SweaterBabe)
  • A crochet spider Amigurumi (tiny crochet spider by Julie Kundhi)
  • Fingerless mittens in the look of Nightmare before Christmas (Amazon link) based on Twinkie Chan’s Strawberry mittens pattern which can be found in her first book (Amazon link)
  • A cute handmade black jersey shirt with bats on it which I would have loved to keep for myself
  • A greeting card drawn and colored in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop

31. October 2013 by anjizilla
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