John Watson Amigurumi

»My dear Watson …« – There will never ever be a Sherlock (Amazon link) without his loyal companion John Watson. Best yarn buddies forever! I knew had to do a little Watson for my dad after I made little Sherlock for him for Christmas. So this is John Watson, birthday gift and already standing next to Sherlock on my parents shelf.

Vilma Ilona’s hair tutorial is a great help when working the hair for your Watson Amigurumi. When you start doing it on your own without seeing any progress this photo tutorial for doing Watson’s hair will simply blow your mind.

Pattern source: Crocheted Army Doctor by Vilma Ilona

Material used:

  • Woll Butt Lisa in Grau (Grey), Weiß (White), Azur (Jeans Blue), Schoko (Brown), Schwarz (Black), Beige and Sand
  • 1 pair of 10 mm safety eyes (Amazon link)
  • Fibre fill (Amazon link)

07. February 2016 by anjizilla
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