Cute crochet Godzilla Amigurumi

To find a pattern for a good looking Godzilla Amigurumi is a bit difficult. You don’t want to have a dinosaur pretending to be a mighty Godzilla (Amazon link), neh! While browsing on ravelry I’ve found a really cute one. Even that I’m not blissfully happy with the result due to the yarn choice I made it’s lovely anyway.

Pattern source: Godzilla-kun by Duchess Gala

Material used:

  • Gründl Solé (Amazon link) in Green, Yellow, Dark Blue, Blue, Black and Light Pink
  • Fibre fill (Amazon link)
  • Yarn needle

Diamonds are a Godzilla’s best friend. Well, or maybe wooden Haba jewelry (Amazon link) in this case. My Godzilla Amigurumi had to wait some while to be done. Poor buddy. One reason surely would have been that I hate the assembly part when there are a lot of elements to sew together. And for Godzilla-kun there are a lot of elements to be sewn together!

12. September 2014 by anjizilla
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