An aquarium for my brother’s wedding

My little brother married in August 2009 and I wanted to make something special. You usually look for something where you can store away the money you want to gift. And what would be more suitable for it than a treasure chest? And when you think of treasure chests there’s a picture of an aquarium popping up in your mind, isn’t it? So I had the idea of making an aquarium with gravel, aquarium plants, a pair of sewn fishes and a neat aquarium treasure chest to put in the money.

I’ve got the gravel from a dear member of the Natron & Soda community. The gravel bags in the pet shops were way too big for my needs. But I’ve got the plants and a pretty cool treasure chest at the pet shop. To make the fishes swim I simply added some thin wire to them and put the other end into the gravel.

Next to the aquarium I’ve made a card using my Wacom Bamboo (Amazon link) graphic tablet and Adobe Illustrator showing my brother and his wife as groom and bride and the words »Alles Liebe zur Hochzeit« meaning »Much love to your wedding«. I’ve written a poem inside the card – but it’s in German:

Welch ein Datum, welch ein Tag!
Heute findet’s also statt
Und selbst wenn’s gießt in einem Lauf
Dann saugt’s der Reis ganz sicher auf
Auch ne geschmolz’ne Hochzeitstorte
Bedarf nicht wirklich vieler Worte
Ist die Konsistenz auch für die Fische
Rechtfertigt man’s locker: „Molekulare Küche!“
Und zu zweit ist’s ja eh halb so schlimm
Oder doppelt so schön – macht beides Sinn
Von daher wünschen wir euch heute
Zur Hochzeit: Liebe, Glück und Freude!

12. June 2012 by anjizilla
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