Website Relaunch

Wow, it took me more than a year to finally get this done! And I didn’t update my website even longer. As you may have noticed I cleaned up the content a lot.

No more duplicated content

I won‘t publish the same stuff here anymore that I use to publish on Ravelry as it‘s too much work to do it twice. After all it costed me so much time that it got me away from creating new crochet patterns or being creative otherwise. So if you want to look at my crochet projects simply head over to my Ravelry page.

One language only

Speaking about setting down the effort to a normal level I can keep up with next to my full-time job: From now on I will do one language only which is English. Translating was extremely time consuming and made me stop updating my website at the end. Anyway, I might consider to bring back German translations of my patterns via Patreon in the future if anyone is interested.

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