Dream week challenge 2019: Shining Star

The dream week was a challenge held on Instagram by several artists from 25 February to 1 March. I joined in to finally push myself to set up a story expanding over several drawings. As usual for those kind of challenges there have been daily prompts: Slumber, Teeth, Sheep, Flight, Sweet, Falling, Sky.

The Story

(Day 1) Cuddled into some fluffy clouds you can hear a soft snoozing. Yume, a sweet little purple haired cat just fell asleep.

(Day 2) After Yume slumbers into dreamland, the little cat girl meets the Tooth Fairy. Who happens to be a big but fancy tooth herself! Well, teeth dreams are supposed to be weird anyway.

(Day 3) After Yume stumbled over the Tooth Fairy, the road suddenly ends as a canyon appears right before her cute little nose. She gathers all of her courage to jump over the canyon by stepping on the back of cloud sheep when unexpectedly a big pink tongue reaches out for her feet.

(Day 4) As Yume tries to avoid the big slimy pink tongue of the cloud sheep, she slips and falls into the canyon. Her little heart is is beating like crazy when she finally finds hold on a strange lantern thingy. The light reveals the shape of a big fish. A quite creepy one to be honest: Yume finds herself flying on the back of a deep-sea anglerfish.

(Day 5) While flying on the anglerfish as a blind passenger, Yume notices the air getting thicker. And somehow … sweeter? Something hard touches her arm. „Was it some wrapped candy?“ she wonders. Bam! A giant lollipop hits her right into the face. The impact is so hard that she lets go of her safe grip to the fish.

(Day 6) Without being a blind passenger anymore, Yume finds herself in free fall again. She is falling and falling and falling … but nothing happens. She can’t make out any ground appearing underneath her. Her wild heart gets calmer and even the sweet screaming voices of the candy falling down with her are getting silent. There is just the noise of the soft wind smelling like cotton candy with a hint of vanilla accompanied by some fluffy clouds.

(Day 7) „It’s time to wake up, little sleepyhead!“ A dull deep voice fills the air. Yume rubs her eyes. „But I don’t want to.“ she mumbles. The air starts loosing its smell of candy sweetness. „But don’t you want to shine bright, Felis?“ The deep voice sounds less dull now. „Yume it is!“ she meows quietly. The shadow of a gigantic hydra floats through the light of the stars that gradually illuminates the sky. „You clearly are a cat, Felis.“ The hydra laughs warmly. And for a moment Felis‘ star shines brighter than a sun. „I am!“ she smiles.

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