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Crochet Moogle Wings for your Amigurumi

I created this pattern for doing wings for Charlotte Davis‘ Moggle Amigurumi as I wanted to have them look a bit more dragon like. Using the same yarn as for the Moogle it will perfectly fit in size. You can of course use it for any other Amigurumi who needs some cool wings!

Skill level: Intermediate

Crochet wings
Cute dragon shaped wings, already stitched together
Back side of my Moogle Amigurumi showing its wings
The wings attached to my Moogle Amigurumi

This pattern is for private use only. You are not allowed to sell this pattern. You may sell items in a small range made by using this pattern.

Materials and tools

  • Yarn in bulky weight: Green (1 skein), Brown (1/2 skein), White (1/3 skein) as well as Yellow (scrap yarn), Red (scrap yarn), Blue (scrap yarn), Violet (scrap yarn).
  • Hook 6 mm
  • Yarn needle for sewing and weaving in ends

Start: ch 3
Row 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc, ch 1, turn (2)
Row 2: sc 2 in each st, ch 1, turn (4)
Row 3: sc 2 in 1st st, sc in next 2 st, sc 2 in last st, ch 1, turn (6)
Row 4: sc 2 in 1st st, sc in next 4 st, sc 2 in last st, ch 2, turn (8)
Row 5: hdc, dc in 1st st, sl, (hdc, dc, hdc) in next st, sl, (hdc, dc, hdc) in next st, sl, sc in last 3st, DO NOT CH 1 AND TURN

Now there is the more complicated part to come:

Edge: sc 3 along the edge, go on with sl along until you reach your first hdc, fasten off. The following instructions may be optional: Join again on the top edge and do a sl line across the wing, meaning from the top edge to the bottom edge (where you did your hdc and dc stitches) – you do two of them at all, one more on the left half and one more on the right half of the wing. Fasten off and weave in all ends. Except for the one on the small side of one wing. Use this end to sew both wings together.

Remember to do the across-the-wing-slip-stitches on the back side of the second wing. Otherwise it will appear on the wrong side

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