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Crochet a pair of Christmas Tree Mittens

If you want to keep the Christmas spirit to last a bit longer these mittens are the perfect project to crochet! They are warm and comfy and will bring a bit of colour to winters fifty shades of grey.

Skill level: Intermediate

You can be as creative as you want decorating your mittens by using buttons and pearls, too!
Crochet Christmas Tree Mittens
Bring some colour into the season by making your own Christmas Trees mittens.

This pattern is for private use only. You are not allowed to sell this pattern or items made by using it.

Materials and tools

  • Yarn in bulky weight: Green (1 skein), Brown (1/2 skein), White (1/3 skein) as well as Yellow (scrap yarn), Red (scrap yarn), Blue (scrap yarn), Violet (scrap yarn).
  • Hook 6 mm
  • Yarn needle for sewing and weaving in ends

Tree Trunk 2x (Brown)

Start: ch 13
Row 1: sc in 2nd chain from hook, sc evenly (12) ch 1 and turn
Row 2-27: in 1st and last stitch of each row work a sc in both loops, for the rest work sc in blo only (12) ch 1 and turn (just do not do this at the end of row 27).

After row 27 form a tube by putting the foundation row and the last row onto each other and simply sew it together or do one row of sl to join both rows. I‘ve made it by using the sl option. Fasten off and weave in ends.

Tree (left) (Green)

Because of the thumb holes both tree parts do vary a little. Therefore do not work this part two times! The tree is going to be worked in the round but has to be closed by a sl at each rounds end. Just in the last rounds you do work evenly around.

Start: Join with green yarn somewhere on the cuff edge near the connection seam with a ch and a sc.
Round 1-4: sc evenly, close the round with a sl into the first sc made (27) ch 1 and turn
Round 5: do as before but for this round only work all of your sc in blo (27) ch 1 and turn
Round 6: [inc] *sc 2 in one stitch, one sc in each of next 4 stitches* 5 times, do one sc in each of the last two stitches, close the round with a sl into the first sc made (32) ch 1 and turn
Round 7-9: sc evenly, close the round with a sl into the first sc made (32) ch 1 and turn
Round 10: do as before but for this round only work all of your sc in flo, close the round with a sl into the first sc made (32) ch 1 and turn
Round 11: sc evenly, close the round with a sl into the first sc made (32) ch 1 and turn
Round 12: [dec] sc 27 and skip the 5 stitches remaining (27) ch 1 and turn
Round 13-14: sc 27, close the round with a sl into the first sc made (27) ch 1 and turn
Round 15: sc evenly, close the round with a sl into the first sc made (27) ch 1 and turn
Round 16-19: sc evenly around (27), fasten off and weave in all ends

Tree (right) (Green)

There isn‘t such a big difference at all. You can apply the settings from the left one except for the following:

After round 11 you fasten off your work. Turn and join yarn in an unobtrusively place. Again, keep the connection seam in mind as you don’t won’t it to be on your forearm. While looking for the right stitch place to join, do also skip 5 stitches for the thumb hole. Meaning if you find the right spot, count 5 stitches and join on the 6th stitch then. Sc 27 as you did on round 12 of the left hand. Now you can go on with the pattern written for the left one starting at row 13. There aren’t any more differences.

Tree Dress (Green, White)

The next thing to do is to crochet the tree dress, the bulky, snow-covered fir branches, that we will work into the out standing rounds 5 and 10.

Crochet hook placed in one of the unworked loops of round 5

At first we will do the bottom tree line (round 5). Take the mitten in your hand. The cuff has to be down and the tree part has to be on the top. Now put the hook from bottom to top through the first loop under the bottom hole. Don’t do this on the front side of your mittens as seen on the photo. Better join at the thumb hole or at the palm side of your mittens.
You will crochet evenly in the round without closing the round with a sl!

With Green:
Round 1: Work sc 5 around the thumb hole. Then do the following: *sc 1, hdc 1, dc 1, hdc 1, sl 1* until the end of the round.

With White:
Round 2: sc evenly around, fasten off and weave in all ends.

Now do the same with the top row. Fasten off and weave in all ends.

Decoration (White, Yellow, Red, Blue, Violet)

Cut some thread of your white yarn (2 at all) and sew it through the stitch holes were you made your fir skirts. Do this for both rows. Take a look on the photos to get an idea of how it should be done.

Cut some scrap yarn in different colors and sew some x onto your tree. Those are the Christmas baubles of your little tree! I‘ve just put them on the back hand side but you can put them all around as you like.

The Star (Yellow)

The star is very very improvised, so don’t say that I didn’t warn you! You will make the star using your yellow yarn and will decorate it with white yarn.

With Yellow:
Start: do sc 5 in a magic ring, pull together and sl to close ring
Round 1: ch 3, dc 2 in each stitch (10) and sl to close round
Round 2: ch 3, dc in next stitch, ch 3, [yarn over as you do for a dc and do 5 yarn over through the stitch and finish bei pulling yarn through all of the remaining loops on your hook], ch 3, do the stitch line of the part in brackets again in the newly made dc post, ch 3, sc in next stitch – do this 5 times, close round with sl and fasten off.

Now you can pimp your star with a needle and some white yarn as seen on the photos. After that you simply have to sew the star on your tree to make your Christmas tree complete. I recommend to put on your mitten and mark the middle of your back hand. There you should sew on your star. Huzzah!

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