Hello! Hallo! Ciao! Hola! こんにちは!您好!

I’m the human being behind »anjizilla«. Nice to meet you! I’m a bachelor of media engineering CCI, born and raised in Berlin and now living in the very south of Germany, in the beautiful Upper Palatinate (Bavarian region).

I’ve got two naughty but absolutely adorable dwarf rabbits which are responsible for my daily dose of sweetness as well as for my daily dose of despair when the litter is flying out of the rabbit toilet again and again due to excessively digging by my female rabbit Kulla. If you’d like to see more of them you can visit their facebook page: Bunnyrama

I’m very much into geeky stuff, sugar cute things as well as I’m very interested in everything Japanese since my early secondary school days. I love being creative ever since and there was hardly one day without tinkering. I love to paint, crochet, tinker, sew, write short fiction, to work with clay or Hama beads and so on.

What’s behind »GROAAAR«?

It all started with making my first sewing experiences around 2003 using patterns from the German website Natron & Soda. But why »GROAAAR«? That’s pretty simple to answer: Childhood memories! What?! Me an my little brother were addicted to Japanese monster movies back in those days. High on there wasゴジラ Godzilla. And as I love to think about my childhood I put some monstrous roar into my labels, too: GROAAAR! ♡